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I have lived off speculations in the US stock market, commodity futures, and start-up venture capital. How? . …I focus on current events (both financial and political) through my three major lenses - emotion, illusion, and cycles.

While I in several months added a net of over $500K to the commodity account, the bulk of the growth in the account came from a successful speculation - detailed in a number of my past articles - that interest rates were due for an increase.

I hope you will consider becoming a paid subscriber of my column where you will receive thorough, honest, speculator’s perspective on what I'm buying, what I own and what I'm monitoring. My financial advice is timely and actionable and will hopefully make you money, as it has done for me. To get an idea, feel free to read my free columns written up until March 1, 2022.

You will likely find my content:

1.    Personal: While I’ve gotten political at times, I cannot ignore how much politics affect the financial market and I will expand on that going forward.

2.    Frequent: I’ve been posting 2-3 times per month but intent to increase my activity to at least one article every week

3.    Engaging: I want to hear from you! I will be asking my readers to comment on my articles so that I can understand your views, answer your questions and hopefully build more of a community


Starting March 1, 2022, all new subscribers will pay $5 per month or $40 per year (prices in US dollars).

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I hope you continue to follow along with me as stay current about what’s happening in the political & financial world, then speculate how you can be a trader or investor who comes out on top.

For anyone wanting more detail my book is available: The Speculator’s Mosaic

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Timely speculation of the stock, commodity futures & start-up venture markets based on hard-earned wisdom accumulated during 5 decades of portfolio management.